Murder He Forgot

Murder He Forgot
Nick Wastnage (author)

Product Description

Imagine waking up in hospital and not knowing the woman, stood by your bedside, is your wife. You’d been in a car crash. You’ve lost your memory. The police find a loaded gun in the wreckage of your car. You have no idea how it came to be there.

Later your memory returns and you find you twice tried to kill your wife. You become a fugitive, hunted by the police, your wife and her gangster lover.

Told in his own words, Guy Maxwell describes his chilling journey through amnesia and the startling moment when his memory returns and he realises he tried to kill his wife - twice. She’d been having an affair with her boss.

Distraught and emotionally charged, he sleeps with his wife’s sister. She tells him that his wife and her gangster lover, Leonard Castsimatidis, are out kill him. He seeks refuge in France with an old friend. Leonard pursues him, murders Guy’s friend and abducts Guy to a disused warehouse where he’s subjected to a violent beating. Left to suffer, Guy fears for his life and is taken aback when he’s rescued from Leonard’s clutches by his wife and they become lovers again. But Leonard hunts them down.

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